Games aren’t boring, people are ( I am bad at witty titles)

​Countering the “why”
Its probably obvious to even children why people that enjoy things tend to create them and those that don’t stray away from these fields, explaining why mostly gamers make games and people that love food cook, why readers tend to write, there is ample opportunity for newcomers to create things for an audience they dont feel is catered to but expecting those with a love for games to create something far from the realm of gaming is flawed.
Skin colour and sex is not the only form of diversity or even one that makes vast differences yet it is the only one that this woman seems to care about, what should be requested is diversity of thought and talented writing not anything else, skin colour or sex as a whole make little difference to character, story or atmosphere development in a team environment or even a solo environment, some of the best written character male or female have been written by the opposite sex or race, claiming only X can create for X is a fast way to lack of creative freedom and art as a whole.
Catering ideas to people that have no interest is a flawed concept, there have been thousands of attempts in hundreds of industries to cater to people that don’t read, don’t watch, don’t play, don’t run, don’t like challenge, etc. they all fail, recently comics have tried to expand its market under demand of forced diversity, 5 of 5 attempts in the last year have collapsed as those being catered to did not buy they products and the original audience was pushed into the backround and stopped buying as well.
Games that have taken the route of not being games have also failed resulting in a fraction of sales despite journalists showering praise upon these titles (tsles of tales), even AAA titles that stray into the realm of catering to an audience that does not exists get panned among gamers (gearbox).
Taking a quote directly from the article 
“So caring about your audience is good, relevant, and necessary art. But it is also good business. You can read any book about how to run a start-up and run into ideas about customer development and value proposition. Read a few more and you run into ideas about co-design to take the risk out of creating for new markets. This is care.”
What the article itself advises isn’t caring about your audience its completely ignoring your audience for the sake of those with  flawed views of an industry they only know at face value, several of those the article mentions have a narcissistic view of wanting to see themselves in a medium used to escape reality, other warped views of how fantasy should represent reality then go on to complain about things being “too realistic”.
The entire article is written from a pseudo intellectual place, virtue signalling for those that want things to change to suit them rather than finding a place in an already established system, if the writer wants to create game to suit people that are not an audience go for it, the industry itself will be supported by those that built it from the start, not those joining once it became popular enough.


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